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HF High Clover Dual

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  • Optimum cutting date – first week in June
  • Specially formulated for high DNDF forage containing high proportions of Solomon, Romark, Pastour and Twymax included for their yield under both cutting and grazing and their excellent forage quality
  • High sugar yield per acre ensures maximum feeding value, excellent palatability and rapid silage fermentation
  • Formulated with high yielding but open varieties to ensure the correct balance between grass and clover is achieved
  • Small Red Clover inclusion for high clover yields and nitrogen fixation in the early stages of establishment
  • High White Clover content of HF’s unique Dual Purpose Clover Blend to ensure the optimum clover content in the final sward
  • Clover blend based on the most productive clover varieties with high yields under both cutting and grazing management
Usage Recommended Sowing Rate
Cutting & Grazing (4 – 8 years) 13 – 15 kg/Acre (32 – 37 kg/Ha)
HF High Clover Dual Purpose
Solomon Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass Alfonso Tetraploid Late Perennial Ryegrass
Seagoe Tetraploid Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass Dolina Timothy
Toddington Late Perennial Ryegrass Promesse Timothy
Pastour Late Perennial Ryegrass HF Red Clover Blend Red Clover
Romark Late Perennial Ryegrass HF Dual Purpose Clover Blend White Clover
Twymax Tetraploid Late Perennial Ryegrass

15 KG,


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