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Envy® is for use in 3 key areas:

  • Where horses or cattle graze low input grassland
  • To replace straight fluroxypyr for chickweed control
  • For weed control in new sown leys

Envy controls buttercups, dandelions and other perennial weeds in paddocks and low productivity grassland. Envy has a short stock exclusion of just 7 days and no herbicide residue concerns in manure, which is very important in equine situations where manure is picked and used on gardens or allotments.
Use to replace straight fluroxypyr on chickweed where it is more effective in cooler conditions & at lower rates. Use before chickweed flowers.
An excellent solution for weed control in new sown leys. Apply any time between 1st Feb & 30th Nov at 1.5 L / ha
Envy comes in a 3 litre pack which treats 3.7 acres at 2.0 L / ha.

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