Admirals Choice


10Kg Bag

4-5 Year protein rich Red Clover mixture. Mainly cutting, short term mixture. Formulated to produce high yields of protein rich silage, and slightly later than Colossal® Red. Admiral’s Choice has high sugars to complement the protein in the clover. This mixture contains late Perennial Ryegrass which is more persistent than Hybrid Ryegrass matching the better persistence of some of the newer Red Clover varieties, such as Maro. Red Admiral blend contains both early and later flowering Red Clovers; diploid and larger leafed tetraploid varieties for more even yields over 3 or more cuts and better persistency. Limagrain Animal Nutrition accredited.

Longer lasting Red Clover ley
High protein
Valuable nitrogen fixation
Excellent breakcrop
Breaks up the blackgrass cycle

Technical Information
Suggested seed rate:
10-12 kg/acre (23-30 kg/ha)

Guide cutting height:
10 cm (4 inches)

Now available with Dormal® rhizobium inoculant to improve establishment of the Red Clover and increase fixation of soil nitrogen.

For detailed information, download our Sinclair McGill Grass and Forage Crops Handbook.

Experts Advice
Sow from May until late August into a moist, warm seedbed.