10KG Bag

Avaliable with or without Clover

Combines high yields with long term persistence. True dual purpose for all livestock classes. Castlehill® is the long term ley with rock solid performance which is suitable for most soil types and climates. An excellent feed for all classes of livestock with superb disease resistance. It delivers the performance of a medium term ley combined with the persistence of a long term ley. Reliable top quality grazing and cutting. Invest in Castlehill® for the ultimate in long term productivity. Treated with HEADSTART® GOLD for improved establishment.

Very productive long term ley
Suitable for all classes of livestock
Achieve a great return on your investment
Includes Tweed Long Term White Clover Blend
A versatile and fail-safe mixture

Technical Information
Suggested seed rate:
13-18 kg/acre (33-45 kg/ha)

Guide cutting height:
7.5cm (3 inches)

Please note that we can also supply Castlehill® with the appropriate percentage of organic seed to meet the current regulations.

For detailed information, download our Sinclair McGill Grass and Forage Crops Handbook.

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