Colossal Red


10Kg Bag

Colossal® Red is a high protein silage. A protein rich 3 year ley, containing a powerful combination of high yielding tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrasses and our RED ADMIRAL Red Clover blend. In a 3 year farm scale trial in Devon, Red Admiral blend gave consistently higher yields over all cuts in all 3 years than single varieties. Colossal® Red is predominantly a cutting mixture but it can also be grazed by lambs and ewes in late summer. Limagrain Animal Nutrition accredited.

2-3 year high protein mixture
Fixes atmospheric nitrogen for following crop
Best breakcrop for cleaning out blackgrass
Very high yields
Excellent nutritional balance for more meat and milk

Technical Information
Suggested seed rate:
10-12 kg/acre (23-30 kg/ha)
Guide cutting height:
10 cm (4 inches)
For detailed information, download our Sinclair McGill Grass and Forage Crops Handbook or for your local stockist, please contact your local distributor.

Experts Advice
Sow from mid May until late August in to moist warm seedbed.