Colossal Silage


10Kg Bag

Top quality silage from high yielding mixture. Colossal® Silage contains highly digestible tetraploids plus the very latest top yielding diploid Italian Ryegrasses give you MORE SILAGE in your clamp and also MORE MILK from your silage. Close ‘D’ value cutting dates make this a very easy mixture to manage. The high sugars and high fibre stimulate rumen activity and maximise conversion to milk. Colossal® Silage outyields Perennial Ryegrass based leys in the autumn too. Includes the new generation of Italian Ryegrass varieties with improved digestibility. Limagrain Animal Nutrition accredited. Treated with HEADSTART® GOLD for improved establishment.

Rapid establishment
Nutritionally balanced
Treated with HEADSTART®GOLD for improved establishment
12-18 months cutting mixture
Excellent breakcop for cereals

Technical Information
Suggested seed rate:
10-12kg/acre (23-30 kg/ha)

Guide cutting height:
10 cm (4 inches)

For detailed information, download our Sinclair McGill Grass and Forage Crops Handbook.



10Kg Bag


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Weight 10 kg


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