Wild Flower (Perennial)

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This is a very competitively priced mixture of legumes and wild flowers suitable for sowing by hand to produce drifts of wild flowers. Over the seasons, wild flowers adapted to your local
soils and management.

As this mixture is a perennial, with the proper management it will come back year after year.

Sow at 1.6g per m2

400g pack will sow 250m2

1kg pack will sow 625m2

This mixture contains

  • 42% Sainfoin
  • 10% Red Clover
  • 10% Birdsfoot Trefoil
  • 6% Yarrow
  • 8% Winter Vetch
  • 1% Black Knapweed (N)
  • 5% Lucerne (inoculated)
  • 4% Alsike Clover
  • 3% Black Medic
  • 1.75% Ox-Eye Daisy (N)
  • 2% Meadow Buttercup (N)
  • 1% Red Campion (N)
  • 1% Musk Mallow
  • 0.75% Goats Rue
  • 1% Wild Carrot (N)
  • 1% Lady’s Bedstraw (N)
  • Mixture of robust annuals


Wildflower Meadow Management Guidelines


The aim is to produce a firm weed-free tilth. Subsoils often provide a weed- free, low nutrient status seed bed, and are therefore suitable for wild flora. It is occasionally necessary to remove the topsoil in areas of high fertility, as these

soils tend to promote the growth of more vigorous grasses and pernicious weeds. Treat existing vegetation with a systemic herbicide prior to seed bed cultivation, taking note of any site constraints and manufacturer’s instructions first.


  1. Treat with herbicide, cultivate the site and allow to remain fallow if practical. A repeat herbicide application may be necessary
  2. Remove topsoil if applicable
  3. Cultivate to 10cm
  4. Create a surface tilth



Sowing can take place throughout most of the year, providing a good tilth can be prepared, however the months of March/April and August/September are generally the most suitable.

  1. Regularly mix seed to ensure even species distribution, drill or broadcast
  2. Sow at 5g/m2 for mixtures with grass or 1.0g/ m2 for pure native wild flower mixtures
  3. Bulk up small seeding rates with Rehofix MK1500 Bulking Granules 1 part seed to 5 parts bulking granules
  4. Rake or harrow – mix seed into soil (depth approx 0.5cm) Cambridge roll to firm seed bed




In the first year control the weeds and reduce competition from grasses. Cut the sward to a height of 5-7cm every two months or when the sward reaches 15cm. Remove all the cuttings. Dig out or spot treat any perennial weeds.


Cut to 5-7cm during March/April and remove cuttings.

A second cut should take place at the end of the flowering season during August/October. Remove all cuttings.

Further cuts in the autumn period to remove untidy growth may be required.



First cut 5cm March/April (Spring Seeding 1st cut in May)
Cut every 2 months or when sward reaches 15cm
Final cut September/October. Remove all cuttings



First cut 5-7cm March/April Second cut 5-7cm August/October Remove all cuttings

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